April 25, 2024
BMW Motorcycles Tuning Videos

Customizing a BMW motorcycle

HP2 Speed Cruiser

Motorcycle tuning and custom motorcycle builds are just as popular as the car counterpart. And there are plenty bikes out there that can attest to that.

And behind any tuning project is a busy mind, bending the vehicle into shapes that leave by-standers in awe.

HP2 Speed Cruiser
HP2 Speed Cruiser

And if you ever saw a peculiar looking BMW bike roaming the streets, chances are it was the brain child of Nicolas Petit. Some of those BMWs were so popular that they even entered mass production.

Nicolas Petit has graciously gifted the internet with a couple of videos displaying the process of creating a custom bike. It starts as a basic shapes and slowly turns into a sketch before finally becoming beauty incarnate at the hands of a master.

So just sit back and enjoy watching ideas come to life.

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