May 18, 2024
Classics Ford Muscle Cars

Detailed Classic Mustang tuned by Vizualtech

I have to say that since I heard quite a long time about a muscle car and also when I heard what is this type of cars, I started to love these cars and also the movies where the actors were driving such an amazing car. Now, what would be better than a muscle car? Yes, a tuned muscle car.

First, you should know that this Classic Mustang tuned by Vizualtech features a ROUSH 427 IR stack injected Windsor engine which is able to develop up to 560 horsepower and it also comes with a tremec magnum 6 speed transmission

Also, this amazing tuned car gets a total Alston control suspension and also a nice variety of colors which you are able to choose from and all of them can be found in the photos from this post but I think that the best looking one is in the main photo from this post

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