May 25, 2024
Electric Cars

Electric Cars to be loaded wireless


The American company Evatran has created a system for cars that use electric motors, this system help electric cars to be loaded without using wires. The American company Evatran has created a system through electric cars and plug-in hybrids can will be loaded no longer using a power cable.

Technology designed by Americans is called “Plugless Power” and is based on two components. One of these can be installed on any machine that uses electric motors and the second will be used as the main way. With the adapter installed on the car, drivers can stop at any Plugless Power supply station and can “tank” the electric models no longer using cables.

Evatran system is universal and can be used by all owners of cars with electric motors, because it will adjust the voltage requirements imposed by the producer. Also, the system shortens the waiting time for recharging batteries. Evatran will work with Syncroness company to develop and commercialize this product. U.S. company hopes that Plugless Power system to be completed by the end of next year.

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