April 25, 2024
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Fast & Furious 7 won’t cast Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Fast & Furious

While the young pop singer Justin Bieber might have a strong following, mostly among teen girls, the very thought of him replacing Paul Walker in the Fast & Furious 7 movie drew a lot of hate from people worldwide.

Thankfully, Universal Pictures has now confirmed that he will NOT be getting any role in the sequel.

Justin Bieber Fast & Furious
Justin Bieber Fast & Furious

Justin Bieber has been berated online for a while now, and after a video of him getting hit by a water bottle in a concert became viral, aiming for his head turned into some sort of a sport for people. That was the sort of hate he received even before trying to fit into Paul Walker’s shoes.

But, with him out of the picture, the question still remains: who is the next in line to star in the Fast 7 Furious franchise? An offer was extended towards Paul’s younger brother, Cody, who is currently a stunt double, but no answer has been made public. Either way, with Paul Walker’s death, screen writers are hard at work redoing the script for the new movie.

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  • alex June 4, 2015

    They can’t replace Paul walker yes he would have wanted these movies to keep going but no it would be wrong to ever replace Paul and ever one should agree RIP Paul Walker

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