April 20, 2024

Ferrari finally recalls the “hot” 458 Italia units

Five cases of unexplained catching fire were reported in the last time for the Italian supercar. Ferrari 458 Italia is rated at 168.000 euro in standard version, and Ferrari have to replace the five models that caught fire but also the Italian manufacturer officialy announced that the remaining 1248 units sold will be recalled to solve the problem.

Ferrari 458 Italia on fire
Ferrari 458 Italia on fire

Ferrari announced that the problem could be considered as solved, they found that an adhesive material used in the rear part of the model, mode exactly under the fender, at high temperatures, could caught fire. Ferrari announced that the replacement of the adhesive with a metallic component will take no more than an hour.

The incidents with the 578 horsepower supercar powered by a 4.5-liter V8 engine happened in countries like China, France, U.S. and Switzerland. In the article’s photo we can see the Ferrari’s 458 Italia supercar on fire, this incident happened on a street in Paris.

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