June 19, 2024
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Ford gives us taster on 2015 Mustang

2013 Ford Mustang

Ford is a company that’s had several very successful or even industry changing models over the years but the Mustang is the most memorable one of all.

Which makes it kind of mandatory to feel a little amazed when you take a look at what the Blue Oval is telling us about the 2015 Mustang. There are a few good points but there’s a major downside as well.

2013 Ford Mustang
2013 Ford Mustang

While you let the panic sync in I’d like to point out that even though this info was sent one way or another by various publications, the sources they have come from within Ford.

Let’s start with the good stuff. The 2015 Ford Mustang will do away with what’s been the most criticized component on it, the solid rear axle.

Though it offered tremendous performance on a track and could be a lot of fun drifting, it did give you an unpleasant feeling on bump roads and would occasionally scare the living lights out of you under throttle.

2013 Ford Mustang
2013 Ford Mustang

Another plus point of the next gen Ford Mustang would be that some 300 pounds will be shaved off the final weight of the car. That’s amazing, and it’s doubly impressive considering power levels are to stay the same.

And then we get to the cherry on top, with the 2015 model year the Ford Mustang will become a global car. First target markets are the UK, Australia and Japan.

Since there’s no point delaying it any further; the Mustang’s retro look will be done away with. Ford wants a modern car and they want a game changer the likes of the Mustang II.

2013 Ford Mustang
2013 Ford Mustang

Internally, the 2015 is known as the Mustang III. I’d like to remind that while the II did change the game, it did so by having customers flip the table rather than blowing their minds.

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  • Stang dp June 6, 2012

    Isn’t that what a Muscle car’s all about, American made, standing it’s ground, in the good ole USA? Why change it to please the countrys mentioned? The Mustang is a legend, why ruin it with blending it in, with all the boring shapes, of all the futuristic new breed cars, out there now? Maybe they, ( the other country’s ), enjoy the shaved 300lbs, short rear ends, that look like all the rest of the newer cars on the road! But why re-vamp a legend, a car that still stands tall, till 2015! Why not pamper your own country, who’s been behind the Mustang all the way! We all have our opinions, to each his own, but the new look, doesn’t impress me. Yes, I’m one in millions, but then again there maybe be others, not thrilled to have a mean machine, a true muscle car, even with the retro look, loved by millions, turned into a car that looks like the rest of the mom & pop cars out there! And believe me, I’m one of the mom & pop er’s, I like the aggressive look of the real Mustangs, not the look of 2015! I know I wouldn’t like taking the New Deal, for 2015, to a classic car show! It definitely wouldn’t fit in, with the rest of the best, it just doesn’t have that wow factor, of the real deal! Sorry, but hope that style, won’t kill off the car that’s been a legend! Hope for the best, but the future looks dim, for people who’ve enjoyed our retro’s from the past, looking as mean as they did! But not no more, goes out the door, making a change, they sure look strange! Good-luck, keeping the regular’s!

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