January 27, 2023

Mazda 3’s next generation ideas announced

Now this is something with a bit of an unexpected flavor from Mazda. The manufacturer once referred to as the “zoom-zoom” guys are starting to zip around again. The Japanese company has just announced its plans for the Mazda 3 compact and the news is all good. The next generation of this car really is […]

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Next Nissan Z Car will work out and lose weight

Good news from Japan, the engineers at Nissan want to make the next Z car even lighter, leaner and more aggressive. With the current generation of the Z Car, the 370 model, being considerably sharper and more responsive than the competition, that seems interesting. The weight loss that seems to be a focus for most […]

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Ford Muscle Cars

Ford gives us taster on 2015 Mustang

Ford is a company that’s had several very successful or even industry changing models over the years but the Mustang is the most memorable one of all. Which makes it kind of mandatory to feel a little amazed when you take a look at what the Blue Oval is telling us about the 2015 Mustang. […]

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2013 Ram 1500 unveiled at the New York Auto Show

It wouldn’t really be an American motor show without some sort of new and desirable pickup truck making the rounds would it? At this year’s New York Auto Show, Ram debuted the 2013 1500 model which comes forward with quite a few aces up its sleeves. As you’d imagine, some of the new feats and […]

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Nissan 370Z gets a new version – RC

The Nissan 370Z, regardless of shape and options is pretty much one of the most exciting sports cars you can buy today and yet the Japanese keep coming up with newer better versions. Sadly though, with this one here, the Nissan 370Z RC I fear that they may have gone a little over the top […]

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Nissan Videos

2012 Nissan GT-R goes Spec R for more

Few people know this but the original version of the Nissan Skyline GTR had loads of versions over the years. Not many of them were very different but they were generally purposed towards re-igniting the fire of passion for what was called “Godzilla”. Several years down the line, Nissan launched the refreshed 2012 GT-R is […]

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Ferrari has big plans for 599 replacement

It’s clear that no new Ferrari will be made with the purpose of being a simple, “average” car, but with the future 599 it seems like the Italians went a bit mental. Why is that? Because they describe the 599 replacement as something of a more powerful, lighter and more hardcore Ferrari.

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Prodrive joins the Ford Falcon side

Prodrive, as I’m sure many of you know, is a motoring technology institute. Being the force behind Subaru’s WRC cars, they do tend to go along for other contracts. Such as their latest thing with the Ford Falcon FPV.

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Porsche 911 GT2 RS will be a limited edition

Porsche have announced earlier this week that the 911 GT2 will get the very special treatment of becoming an RS model. Now, with more news on the very hot 911, Porsche have confirmed it will be a limited edition. That’s right, only 300 units of the 997 911 GT2 RS will be available.

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