July 23, 2024
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Ford Mustang 50th anniversary watch

Ford Mustang Watch

Milestones are a big deal in the automotive industry, be it a number of units sold or certain years of continued production.

Next year, Ford is celebrating 50 years of its very special Mustang model, and in light of the event, a lot of celebrating is afoot.

Ford Mustang Watch
Ford Mustang Watch

Next April will be the month when we should expect all the usual from the car maker, with a special edition Mustang and all sorts of events planned for the big day. And for a little extra, Ford is also planning to sell a limited edition wrist watch.

The builder is Shinola in Detroit which will make just 1.000 units. The watches feature Swiss movements, scratch resistant sapphire crystal face and premium black leather wrist strap. As pretty much every premium watches out there, it will be water resistant and it will display the Mustang logo.

So, considering the legacy Mustang has established, only one question comes to mind? Will the watches also run fast?

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