Ford The Amatoya

Ford The Amatoya

This is a very cool vehicle concept and I think that it is not going to stay too much at the status of “concept” because it looks to be very good at what it was designed to do so there may be some investors for this concept so some countries may buy few of these cars.

This Ford Amatoya was built to go into wars so you can see that on the top of the car there are two weapons. This feature makes this vehicle to be also itself a weapon because the drivers don’t need anymore to go out of the vehicle, they can fight using this Ford Amatoya.

A very cool feature of this Ford Amatoya fighting concept vehicle is that it has a 2,200 liter (581 gallons) of water capacity so this is the last reason of the drivers of any Ford Amatoya don’t need anymore to get off the car because they were usually doing this to get water.

Ford The AmatoyaFord The AmatoyaFord The Amatoya

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