April 18, 2024
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Gazal 1 Concept Presented At Geneva Auto Show 2010

It is known that Arabs are big amateurs of Hummers, and thanks to that they decided to build their own SUV. A group of students from the King Saud University worked at a project and like this our subject was born, I’m talking about the so called Gazal 1.

If this project is not perfect like it should be don’t start to judge because Gazal 1 was in fact a school project, which one of the teachers from King Saud University gave to them at the engineering class, so don’t be harsh. The students took over the task and developed Gazal Concept 1 starting from a Mercedes G Class platform.

The funny thing is that the word Gazal in Arabian means Gazelle and this SUV is anything else but agile and slender, it has a heavy look combining in one projects elements from Hummer, Lincoln Navigator Toyota FJ Cruiser and Land Cruiser and this prototype was fabricated by those from Magna. King Saud University has some connections and thanks to that they managed to put this Gazal 1 Concept in the spotlights at Geneva Auto Show 2010.

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