May 24, 2024

Geneva 2010 Will Host Mercedes S63 AMG

Mercedes S63 AMG is available now with a new motorization and the best thing about this is that the engine is more economical. This Mercedes S63 AMG will be seen at Geneva Auto Show 2010 with the new M157, which that actually is that twin-turbo V8 engine having 5.5 liter capacity. That will replace the

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Hybrid Concept Called Proton At Geneva 2010

The small constructor Proton has some pretty big ambitions and it will present at Geneva Auto Show 2010, in partnership with italdesign, a new city car with hybrid propulsion which by the way should enter in series production a few years later. This new Proton Hybrid is a pretty small car, measuring only 3.5 meters

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Gazal 1 Concept Presented At Geneva Auto Show 2010

It is known that Arabs are big amateurs of Hummers, and thanks to that they decided to build their own SUV. A group of students from the King Saud University worked at a project and like this our subject was born, I’m talking about the so called Gazal 1. If this project is not perfect

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Volkswagen Cross Polo- Live At Geneva Auto Show 2010

Volkswagen Cross Polo will be present at Geneva Auto Show 2010, which will be the second new thing at Geneva Auto Show after the launch of Volkswagen Polo GTI. VW Polo GTI is more a sport version and is with 15 mm lower compared to standard version and our Volkswagen Cross Polo is with 15

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Porsche 911 Turbo S at Geneva 2010

You all heard about Porsche and definitely you heard about the legendary 911, well, that Porsche 911 became a symbol and remain untouched from generation to generation. The sad part is that Porsche remain with the same design from many years, it’s hard to tell the difference between some consecutive models. From the design point

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