July 14, 2024
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The All-New BMW M5 is an Amazing Sedan – World Premiere

Dear readers, here we have the all-new BMW M5! Read more information below about the stunning specifications of this stunning sedan, the BMW M5. Yesterday, June 26, 2024, BMW released the next generation of the M5, which is one of the most famous cars that represents performance and luxury. This new model inherits the legacy

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2011 Chrysler 300’s full details

My bet is that Chrysler realized that teasing the 300 for the Detroit Motor Show wouldn’t be enough (and it isn’t) so they went ahead and rectified that situation. So we now have a full press release on the 2011 Chrysler 300 ahead of its debut at the aforementioned motor show event.

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Full specs for the Citroen DS3 Racing Limited Edition Released

If you’ve been curious about the Citroen DS3 Racing limited edition because you saw it at the Geneva Motor Show, then check this out. Citroen revealed all specs, prices and other info regarding the model.

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Hyundai’s 5 liter V8 serves up a surprise

Korean automaker Hyundai has just released details about their new 5.0L Tau V8 engine and there is a very interesting piece of reading on that spec sheet. The Tau 5 liter V8 engine develops no less than 429 horsepower, actually this is yet to be confirmed by facts but this is what spokesmen for Hyundai

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Morgan EvaGT teaser sketch

One of the most charismatic British manufacturers, the yardstick for tradition and craftsmanship has just released a teaser photo containing a sketch of their next release. The car which has its lines featured in the shot is the Morgan 2+2 EvaGT.

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2011 Ford Explorer teaser

It would seem that Ford Motor Company have been embracing more and more new media advertising as the latest teaser for the 2011 Ford Explorer is coming from… Facebook. That’s right people, Dearborn has chosen the most popular social network to be the provider of some teaser shots of the next car to enter the

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Lamborghini Supercars

Lamborghini Jota teaser released

Yep, the famous Italian supercar maker has finally released a picture of it’s replacement for the Murcielago destined to incite the imagination of fans around the world and here it is: To be fair, the image lower in the post is the full story but the disappointment is still here, come on, could we at

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Concept Cars

Gazal 1 Concept Presented At Geneva Auto Show 2010

It is known that Arabs are big amateurs of Hummers, and thanks to that they decided to build their own SUV. A group of students from the King Saud University worked at a project and like this our subject was born, I’m talking about the so called Gazal 1. If this project is not perfect

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