May 26, 2024

Honda Civic caught fire after a failed burnout

Of course there are many other ways to turn your tires to ash but doing a burnout it’s a stylish way indeed. However, doing a burnout needs more than a car, you actually need some experience and thinking to this I really realize why they decided to bind the car to the concrete block.

Honda Civic in fire
Honda Civic in fire

The guy behind the steering wheel of Honda Civic managed to do the burnout for about 40 seconds after the vehicle caught fire. The driver jumped off the car and then the organizers pushed the car away from the few spectators on the sides.

In the end, a part of the crowd rush to extinguish the fire, each of the participants throwing any liquid had at hand, even a bottle of beer (you can see it at 1:40). In the end, someone came with a proper extinguisher and managed to keep the people safe and to prevent an explosion. This failed burnout can successfully join the woman who crashed her 1 Series into a house while trying to get her car out of snow.

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