April 25, 2024
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Honda Skydeck Hybrid Concept will be presented at Chicago Auto Show

I got the feeling that a competition will be born, after Honda launches his Skydeck Hybrid Concept at Chicago Auto Show it’s just a matter of time to see if she will surpass the Japanese Odyssey (the version offered in Australia) or the van-like North America Odyssey. Who knows maybe Honda Skydeck Hybrid concept will surpass both of these well known cars.

I can’t say that the carmakers offered little details because they offered almost none, they said that the car will be an innovation, will have a fine quality, also that will be fun-to-drive and the safety will be ensured. From that I take the conclusion that Honda Skydeck Hybrid Concept is a good looking and efficient car.

Honda got very creative when worked at this car, the doors are opening like you rarely seen before and the seats are very thin but in the same time very comfortable. If you already saw a hybrid model from Honda you might say that you got a hint of what follow to appear. With all said the only thing we can do is wait and see.

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