April 12, 2024

Jaguar revealed XF hybrid at LCV in Millbrook

Being part of the FHSPV (Flywheel Hybrid System for Premium Vehicles) project, the hybrid Jaguar XF revealed at the Low Carbon Vehicle event at Millbrook focuses on retaining the braking energy. The results of the XF hybrid are hard to overlook. The hybrid system that manages to use the braking energy is able to offer an extra amount of horsepower, 80 horses more exactly, but also a better fuel consumption by 20%, the whole hybrid system beating most of the systems weighting just 65 kilograms.

Jaguar XF hybrid
Jaguar XF hybrid

Various manufacturers worked together with Jaguar in order to develop this system, manufacturers such as Prodrive, Flybrid Systems, Xtrac and Torotrak.

Developing this system cost the British manufacturer about 3 million pounds but the good part is that this system is in testing to enter series production and can fit a various range of models in the future, as the spare wheel location was replaced with the hybrid system in question.

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