May 22, 2024

J’aime ma Dacia

Dacia Picnic
4,000 people and 1,000 cars participated last weekend at Grand Picnic Dacia. Believe it or not, everything happened in France. Grand Picnic organized by the French division of Dacia at Mansigne gathered no less than 4,000 people and 1,000 cars Dacia, even it was the first edition.

Dacia fans came from many regions of France and they were informed of this event through dedicated forums of Romanian brand. They had the opportunity to exchange opinions about their cars and see personalized models of Dacia Logan.

Picnic Dacia in France marked a unique picture of group participants to form the message “J’aime ma Dacia” (I love Dacia). Launched in 2005 on French market, Dacia has reached in August this year instead seven in the top of best selling brands, with a market share of 4.4% on new vehicles.

Dacia PicnicDacia PicnicDacia Picnic

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