June 18, 2024
Lamborghini Supercars

Lamborghini Sports Car Might Join the Rest of Company`s New Model Lineup in Couple of Years

The supercar segment may completely change in a couple of years, carmakers within shifting from what they are today towards a more approachable styling and equipment suite that would fill the needs of their customers.

This means that instead of still manufacturing extremely powerful supercars or hypercars, we could see more affordable sedans or sports cars. Lamborghini supercar maker is that company that has understood the needs of the market and is already thinking of building up a more affordable variant that would complete its lineup in a couple of years (this particular model would join other three new models starting next year).

We might be looking here at a future Lamborghini sports car, way too different from what we have witnessed so far.

Stefano Domenicalli, chief executive at Lamborghini, talked to Motoring and also hinted at the possibility of such a downsized model, as we could understood from his statement: “I think the answer is possibly yes. But so far we need to make sure the third model [Urus] will be stable enough to think about a fourth model.”

“If we talk about super sports cars we need to consider that the right approach would be to be modular. We cannot have two models with two power units, two gearboxes, two chassis, honestly it`s not viable in terms of business case. That`s something we need to think about for the future,” he also concluded.

Lamborghini is not the only one to future develop a serious of sports cars, as McLaren and Ferrari are also thinking of shifting to downsized architectures to cope with the new demands on the market. Even so, all will continue making exceptional supercars.

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