May 26, 2024
Featured Lexus

How Lexus is Making Inroads in the Sports Car Business

European sports cars have a long history of delivering speed with smart engineering. American sports cars tend to be muscle-bound two-door rides with as much flash as speed. How does Lexus, a Japanese luxury maker, compete in this market? Well, they seem to be making some serious inroads. For starters, the Lexus RC-F looks as much as a

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Lamborghini Supercars

Lamborghini Sports Car Might Join the Rest of Company`s New Model Lineup in Couple of Years

The supercar segment may completely change in a couple of years, carmakers within shifting from what they are today towards a more approachable styling and equipment suite that would fill the needs of their customers. This means that instead of still manufacturing extremely powerful supercars or hypercars, we could see more affordable sedans or sports

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Bentley Luxury Cars

Bentley changing 18 month product cycle

The people over at luxury British manufacturer, Bentley, have announced that they will be slowly moving away from its 18 month product cycle. Why is that? Well mostly because according to a recent study they’ve conducted among their customers revealed that owners of Bentley products tend to drive their sports cars for an average of

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Lotus trying to power the Exige by a V6

According to a hand of spy-photographers Lotus is working on upgraded versions of the Elise and Exige sports cars and judging by the exhaust note, these upgraded versions may have V6 engines. The spies say that the sound of the engine in these under works Lotus cars bares a close resemblance to the sound made

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Special Lambretta Caterham 7

Lambretta is a name with a bit of a split personality. One side of this name refers to Italian classic scooters and the other is related to British clothes. Weirdly, the second one went into an interesting collaboration with British sports car manufacturer Caterham.

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