April 23, 2024

Leaked 2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class which will debut at the NY Auto Show

I don’t know if you remember but this was also happening before the 2010 Geneva Auto Show namely that a lot of auto makers are making a lot of leaks on the internet so this time, before the official debut at the New York Auto Show, Mercedes have leaked on the internet the 2011 version of the R-Class.

At the moment we don’t have many details but the most important thing that I made this post, was to show you some really cool high res photos from the outside of the 2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class and also from the interior.

I think that either that you own a Mercedes or any other luxury car or you don’t you will love this 2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class either if you won’t wish one. It looks too luxury and very carefully finished. For further details, check back again after the New York Auto Show where this 2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class will debut.

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  • Fatma May 5, 2012

    Noo, I don’t think that W202 s filceaft is ugly (from 1997). It’s not about the filceaft that much as the solid. The only ugly filceaft from the 90s is W210 s in 1999. 200 000 km . nice, if you keep the car in good condition it will run 200 000 km 3 times more even 4 And what is the model exactly (engine) ?

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