June 16, 2024
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Los Angeles Motor Show will host the Fiat entering on the U.S. market

Fiat 500 C

Fiat announced their come-back on the U.S. market after 27 years of absence. This come-back will take place at the L.A. Auto Show scheduled for this winter, November. Chrysler manufacturer will help Fiat to accomodate with the U.S. market. Fiat will present two models at this auto show, we are talking about the Fiat 500 and its convertible version, 500C.

Fiat 500 C
Fiat 500C

After 27 years of absence, the Italian manufacturer decided that it is the time to reenter the U.S. market, now, searching for dealers to sold their vehicles around the U.S.

As we told you below, Fiat will present at the Los Angeles Auto Show, just two models, two small models, 500 and 500C. For future, Fiat promises that more models will be available for their new automotive market. The succees of Fiat on the U.S. market is not certain because of the pretty poor reputation gained some years ago when the Italians were available on the American market.

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