May 20, 2024

Mazda2 EV to be introduced starting 2012

The Japanese from Mazda decided to reveal their plans for the electric models which follow to enter the current range. The first model to be offered in an electric version will be Mazda2 which will be equipped with the new Skyactiv engines.


The new Mazda2 EV which is expected to be introduced next year will provide a driving range of around 200 km and will be offered through leasing in Japan. However, the Japanese manufacturer is not aiming to transform all their future vehicles in electric or hybrid models but this is a great start to build more eco-friendly vehicles.

Together with the new electric models, Mazda will introduce new models which will offer a hybrid powertrain but as we stated above, they will remain focused on the conventional models. The current models using petrol or diesel engines follow to be improved too alongside the introduction of the new hybrid and electric vehicles.

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