June 25, 2024

McLaren P1 prototype spied during testing run

McLaren P1 spied

Don’t you just feel annoyed to watch Formula 1 races and the commentators keep coming up with some remark about how most of those cars are built in Britain.

The British automotive industry isn’t that interesting apart from the F1 building consortium but there is one interaction between these two identities that makes interesting stuff.

McLaren P1 spied
McLaren P1 spied

McLaren is playing on both fields and they’re showcasing great cars on both of these contests. Each of their cars bridges the gap between the two categories.

Their F1 is still a legend, the MP4-12C is changing people’s ideas of sports and performance cars and this, the upcoming P1, will revolutionize hypercars.

It will be built directly to compete with the Ferrari Enzo successor and the Porsche 918 Spyder. These will share some ideas with the P1.

McLaren P1 spied
McLaren P1 spied

Both of them are expected to be powered by big, high end, very advanced engines and will very likely be rocking KERS systems.

Ferrari and Porsche each opt for something different. Porsche wants efficiency, Ferrari want excitement whereas McLaren will chase speed.

The focus will not be actual top speed and acceleration figures but rather circuit running options. The McLaren P1 prototype we see spied here is hiding a lot of its aerodynamic body though.

McLaren P1 spied
McLaren P1 spied

That is a shame since McLaren are telling us that it will be able to generate as much as 1300 lbs of downforce at 125 mph.

It is a figure that no other supercar in history was capable of generating. Cornering speeds should be much more impressive with such a development.


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