June 17, 2024

McLaren P1 prototype spied during testing run

Don’t you just feel annoyed to watch Formula 1 races and the commentators keep coming up with some remark about how most of those cars are built in Britain. The British automotive industry isn’t that interesting apart from the F1 building consortium but there is one interaction between these two identities that makes interesting stuff.

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Bensopra Nissan GT-R to be unveiled in Tokio

As the first major motor show of the year, the Tokyo held event always has some sort of pleasing trick up its sleeve and I reckon we’ve identified what it will be this year. It isn’t the Toyota FT-86 or one of its many versions, it isn’t a new Honda NSX but a special version

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BMW 1 Series M Coupe crowned MotoGP safety car

Apart from being a great mixture between fun, pedigree and tradition, the BMW 1 Series M Coupe does have a serious side in its safety rating. I don’t think that particular side will make much of a difference given its latest assignment where the smallest M Car out there gets a job as the MotoGP

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