July 13, 2024

McLaren SLR Edition unveiled at Essen Auto Show

Quite a lot of people were droping tears as the McLaren SLR supercar quitted production few time ago and the British manufacturer decided to create a special package for the model, called Edition. Thus, McLaren SLR Edition will be manufactured in just 25 copies, the model being revealed at the Essen Auto Show.

McLaren SLR Edition
McLaren SLR Edition

However, this is just an upgrade package and you have the chance to benefit from it only if you already have one of the already produced SLRs. McLaren’s supercar was designed to be a limited series model, in order to make the model more attractive. What I wanted to say with this? Well, the Edition package is also produced in a limited series as we told below.

The 5.4-liter V8 gets no upgrades from the British people but few improvements can be seen in the technical specifications. McLaren SLR Edition comes with an improved suspension which together with the modified steering helps the supercar to achieve greater performance. The price was not revealed yet.

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