April 19, 2024

Mercedes-Benz to enter the auto online market by the end of 2013


It was only a few weeks ago when Bavarian Motors suggested that they were considering a service to allow customers at least schedule drive tests over the internet, if not buying units online. While BMW did not implement the measure, Mercedes-Benz on the other hand is willing to give it a try by the end of the year.

The news came from AutomotiveNews, announcing that, for starters, Mercedes-Benz will try to make the service available for Germany and Poland, in two cities to be more specific: Hamburg and Warsaw.


The platform will wear the name of Mercedes-Benz Connection Online store and should be implemented in the next months. People who will go online to access it should be capable to configure, order and pay for their new cars, through some virtual dealerships.

Aside from all these, customers will also arrange to have their brand new Mercedes-Benz units delivered on a specific destination or just ask the dealer to bring them a car at home, for a test drive.

Taking things one at a time, Mercedes-Benz is willing to test this strategy of bringing new customers, therefore mortar and brick shops will remain in function, at least for now.

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