April 25, 2024
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Subaru gets involved with the Center for Pet Safety

Center for Pet Safety Test

Crash testing e vehicle has become mandatory nowadays for every new model that hits the market.

And these tests take into consideration all the occupants of the vehicle, be them adults or children, and even the impact with pedestrians.

Center for Pet Safety Test
Center for Pet Safety Test

What is completely new for the industry is testing how pets influence the passenger hub in the event of a crash. Subaru is currently pouring funds into the non-profit Center for Pet Safety. We even have some results, with plenty more tests underway.

If you are a pet owner and also a driver, then you might own or at least be aware or an assortment of safety devices. The results on a dog tether show that there is a 100% failure rate in the event of a crash. Even disregarding the poor animal’s life, we have to think about the fact that said pet will be propelled forward into any object or person, possibly causing injuries.

The Center for Pet Safety is doing its part with Subaru’s help, but unfortunately they are not able to also provide solutions for these problems, and sadly if no one from the outside will take steps, the problem will most likely persist. See some test results in the video below, with the warning that pet lovers might not take it in easily. No pets were harmed in the test.

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