July 17, 2024
Mercedes Tuning

Mercedes CLS 55 AMG by Wheelsandmore

I have to tell you that when it comes to speak about tunings, Mercedes has the coolest tunings ever or at least taking it in general because there are also other tunings of other auto makers too but not so much as the ones for the Mercedes cars.

I may say that this tuning is special but looking at the other Mercedes tunings, they are also specials too. I would expect from this Mercedes CLS 55 AMG tuned by Wheelsandmore to have upgrades only at the aspect but I see that it also comes with an upgraded engine that is able to develop up to 576 horsepower and also now it is able to reach 196 miles per hour.

Anyway, I said that in general I like very much this Mercedes CLS 55 AMG tuned by Wheelsandmore but there is a thing that I don’t like it at all. Is the interior, better said the color, it is very ugly in that amount for such a car.

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