April 13, 2024
Mini Tuning

MINI Cooper S by Superchips

Mini Cooper S has received an additional power from the Superchips tuning house. Specialists have modified the ECU, managing to squeeze out a total of 195 horsepower and 282 Nm.

Unlike most current tuners, Superchips specialists focus their attention more on what lies under the hood. The newest manufacturer that has received treatment from tuning house was Mini, the package addressing the most nerve versions: Cooper S.

If in the standard version, the model has 175 horsepower and 250 Nm, a recalibration of the ECU system, which positively affects the time of ignition, and turbine power, then it is clear that we talk of improved performance. After modifications, the Cooper S makes up to get 20 more horsepower and 26 Nm, reaching a total of 195 horses 282 Nm. A novelty is a good range of speeds which are felt much torque (about 250 nm) between 2500 and 5250 rotation. Price for performance package is about 500 euros, Superchips providing also a warranty of 12 months or 48,000 km.

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