Mopar enhances Chrysler 300 for SEMA

Mopar is not messing about when it comes to SEMA this year. The Dodge Charger Juiced Concept was just one part of their stand.

Obviously, that was the performance bit since it came with a Viper V10 under the bonnet. This time we’re looking at the luxury affair.

Mopar Chrysler 300 for SEMA

Mopar Chrysler 300 for SEMA

It kind of had to be the newest version of the Chrysler 300 they used as a base. The changes applied do class it up, but by how much?

The simple answer is not much. It wouldn’t surprise a lot of people but it’s a bit disappointing since the exterior does have the potential.

Basically, the sharp and imposing look of the Chrysler 300 always had the promise of luxury nailed. Adding in the True Blue Pearl custom paint took things up a notch.

Mopar Chrysler 300 for SEMA

Mopar Chrysler 300 for SEMA

A more refined radiator grille, 20 inch satin carbon wheels and chrome exhaust trims got the ball rolling in the right direction.

And then Mopar went a little off track. They’ve decided to highlight the fact that they’ve painted the brake calipers black.

What luxury buyer in their right mind would ever care about such a trivial mechanical component? Those are for the car shop workers to know.

Mopar Chrysler 300 for SEMA

Mopar Chrysler 300 for SEMA

Stepping inside keeps the same “lacking” feel going. There’s an upgraded leather from Katzkin on the seats and the automatic shift handle but the rest of the interior isn’t quite so impressive.

Unless you’re taken in by the “300” logo premium carpet floor mats, Chrysler logo illuminated door-sill all you have to notice is the new pedal set.

Perhaps the game needed to step up.