June 15, 2024
Bentley Luxury Cars

New DCFP system for carbon fiber developed by Bentley

The British people at Bentley announced that they managed to create a new carbon fiber composite able to provide stronger carbon fiber components while the price decreases. This system of manufacturing the carbon fiber composite is called DCFP by the British people and was created by Anthony Dodworth.


Bentley claimed that using this cheaper process to make the carbon fiber components will result intro stronger carbon fiber parts but also intro an even lighter material. Bentley T35-4 model introduced the carbon fiber components manufactured using the new DCFP process.

The British from Bentley announced that the T35-4 model that introduced the new carbon fiber components managed to decrease the weight of the body thanks to the new carbon fiber parts, thus, the body of the model weighs just 119 kg. This new technology of manufacturing carbon fiber is still under development and for now it has a limited area of usage.

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