June 18, 2024

New Mercedes electric engine to be produced

Mercedes will develop within its factory in Berlin a division that will handle the design, testing and production of an entirely new electric engine and more advanced lithium-ion batteries. Mercedes continues its efforts on the segment of the alternative propulsion models, officially announcing the plant where the future engine electric powered will produced.

German manufacturer will use their plant in Berlin to give birth to a new generation of electric engine, ready to hit the market in 2012 under the hood of the hybrid models. They will integrate the auxiliary propeller inside the transmission, as happens today in the case of S400 Hybrid.

Berlin plant will also handle the electric motor development. Of course, Germans engineers will design also the lithium-ion batteries with high storage capacity required for powering the electric motor. The new unit will be able to use the recovered energy when braking and to develop an extra power of 20 horsepower found in the train’s propulsion of S400 Hybrid.

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