June 18, 2024

New Toyota Recall for 270.000 vehicles with engine issues

The Japanese officials admitted that around 270,000 vehicles sold globally including Lexus models, reported engine trouble. The engine may stop while driving the car.

Toyota and Lexus

After being hit by a massive recall earlier this year, when they had to recall about 8 million vehicles due to acceleration problems, now, the Japanese at Toyota are facing a new problem. This time Toyota recognize that approximately 270,000 units sold worldwide, including Lexus models have serious engine problems.

Hideaki Homme, spokesman for the Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota, said that the company is currently investigating the intervention measures on defective engines, but did not confirm the possibility of a recall. According to the official, faulty engines can stop while driving, but did not specify the source of the fault detection. Moreover, the Japanese ensure that so far there were no injuries or casualties due to this engine failure. Hope people from Toyota will come with the best way to solve this problem.

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