May 22, 2024

News About Audi R8 Tuned By Rieger

Rieger recently took care of an Audi R8 and I got to say, they managed to transform a very cool car in a spectacular one as you can see in the photos. From the aesthetic point of view Audi R8 tuned by Rieger has a couple of aerodynamic accessories which are not easily observable but they were put there from technical reasons, not for aesthetics.

Audi R8 got a front spoiler with a very interesting shape having two small ventilation slots and the back spoiler is very smoothly changed, without being eye catching. If you want your Audi R8 to have a sportier look you can equip it with a more serious spoiler replacing the small one which automatically rises up at high speeds.

From the side those side skirts are very observable with those cool ventilation slots and those fancy wheels with high tech look. The wheels are available in two sizes, 20 inch and 21 inch, depend of what you want and the suspension is adjustable providing a low ground clearance. Rieger changed a lot of things at Audi R8 but the engine remained untouched.

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