April 12, 2024

Nissan promises 100.000 Juke units/year and the production started

Nissan announced that the production process for the Juke crossover it’s just about to start. In about three months, the Nissan’s dealers charged to take pre-orders received a total amount of almost 23.000, things that might speeded up a little the start of production for Nissan’s crossover.

Nissan Juke
Nissan Juke

Nissan promises that the Sunderland plant, the plant that is responsible for the production of Juke crossover, where the Japanese from Nissan made big investements of more than 50 million pounds, will be able to create 100.000 units per year, units destinated for the European market only. People at Nissan are hoping to hit a total of 400,000 units (not only Juke) manufactured at the UK plant in Sunderland in 2010.

The engine range available for Juke is offering both powerful and economic engines, the horsepower output ranging from 110 horsepower to 190 horsepower. Nissan Juke crossover is expected to begin in the coming months and the starting price for the Japanese urban model will be around 16.000 euro.

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