May 29, 2024
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Nissan Serena by Autech

Nissan Serena by Autech

When thinking of Nissan performance sub-brands, the first name that pops to mind is the Nismo brand. As it happens, Nissan has been also working with another sub-brand, going by the name Autech. The people over at Autech, just like the folks at Nismo have dedicated their time and passion in order to upgrade most of Nissan’s model lineup. One of their first projects was the Serena van.

The Nissan Serena is a spacious family type van. Not only can it hold an impressive amount of passengers, it can also haul a lot of materials. This vehicle could easily be characterized by the word spacious. Despite all these advantages, this particular vehicle does not strike anyone as an upgrade worthy vehicle. The people at Autech, however, seem to think otherwise. As it happens, they presented their first improved model under Nissan’s guidance. The result was quite surprising. The van seems to sport a whole new look, while keeping its family related particularities.

Nissan Serena by Autech

The Nissan Serena by Autech is an example of how each and every vehicle can be upgraded and improved, regardless of its purpose. The added splitters, the bright metallic paintjob and the new set of rims, all these, give the Autech Nissan Serena a true premium feel. While the look of the car seems radically changed, the feel of it remains unchanged. As it happens, Autech has only concerned itself with the aspect on this particular build. This seems like an inspired move, given the fact that this particular car is family oriented. An increase in performance would seem rather useless with a build of this sort.

With this particular build, the Japanese tuner has decided to attempt to change the look of the van by making it look more modern in comparison to its original counterpart. No matter how you look at the Nissan Serena by Autech, the impression you get is that of a futuristic ride. The straight lines in its design, combined with the visual modifications made by Autech give this particular vehicle a science fiction vibe. The color also aids in this aspect.

The Nissan Serena by Autech is an example of what we are to expect from this somewhat new Nissan sub-brand. The upgrades seem to be tailored perfectly for this car. They integrate seamlessly within the existing design. With the launch of this particular model, the guys over at Autech have announced that more upgrades will be made available for other of Nissan’s existing vehicle models.

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