April 23, 2024

Photos and details about Honda Civic Type R Mugen

Since I saw for the first time a Honda Civic Type R I fell in love with that car because of its futuristic aspect and also for the gorgeous design for the interior. So what would be greater than Honda Civic Type R? Of course, it would be Honda Civic Type R tuned by Mugen.

Unfortunately, this Honda Civic Type R tuned by Mugen will be available only in UK and there will be built only 200 units. It will come with exclusive Mugen front and rear bumpers and also skirts, 19 inch alloy wheels in Lightning design, Mugen rear badge, Mugen limited edition number plaque, limited slip differential, championship white exterior paint and gloss black mirrors.

You should stay tuned on auto websites so that you will be able to hear news about this Honda Civic Type R tuned by Mugen. New details will be revealed after the first race at Thruxton in 4 April.

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