April 22, 2024
Porsche Tuning

Porsche 997 “Predator” Wide Body Kit by Atarius Concept

The Porsche 997 is an exceptional sports car that stands out from the crowd with an aggressive and imposing body style, but the aftermarket specialists from Spanish tuner Atarius Concept decided that the model needed some design makeovers.

This Porsche 997 has received the so called “Predator” wide body kit, the entire package being developed by Marius Dumitrascu, the same one responsible for the MD4 kit fitted on the on the BMW M4 Coupe a couple of years back.

The “Predator” wide body kit comes with beefy vented front and rear bumpers, carbon fiber air scoop on the roof, side extra vents, updated suspension system, and the one-off black alloy wheels with the yellow brake calipers.

At the rear end, the Porsche 997 has also received the extremely wide rear diffuser and custom exhaust system with massive quad exhaust tips. The tuner has also installed a wide wing with a third brake light. The interior is also set to come with sports seats and role-cage for improved stability.

In the stock version, the Porsche 977 Turbo packs a twin-turbo flat-six engine, with a reasonable 480 horsepower and 620 Nm of torque, but with all the upgrades carried out under the hood, this old boy can output impressive power.

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