April 19, 2024
Porsche Tuning

Porsche 997S by TechArt

Porsche 997 S and 997 4S received a performance package from TechArt, which offers extra 35hp. In addition to this kit, TechArt already offers an aesthetic package and a sport suspension system. Germans from TechArt developed a performance package for the facelift versions of the Porsche 997 S and 997 4S models. Thus, both rear-wheel drive models, and the four-wheel drive models will benefit the extra power, which is 35 hp. Thus, the Porsche 997 S Facelift TechArt version will develop 420 hp.

Power kit TA 097/S1 package includes a special exhaust system with flaps, along with a rescheduled ECU unit. The sound created by the discharge of the Porsche 997 S can be adjusted so from standard to fully unrestricted.

“The front spoiler I underscores the dynamism of the 911 Carrera 4S and, by optimizing the air flow, helps to ensure effective cooling of the braking system. At the same time, side skirts emphasize the powerful contours. Depending on requirements, a roof spoiler and three versions of rear wings permit precision aerodynamic tuning on the rear axle”, we find from press release.


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