May 30, 2024

Renault Clio S Special Edition

Renault launches on the UK market the special version, Clio S, based on the three-door body variant of the French model. The changes that will see on this special edition are only aesthetic ones. The British division of the Renault manufacturer has recently launched a new special edition for Clio hatchback.

The sub-compact evoke ancestor Clio S, presented by the French manufacturer in the early ’90s, and also took over his title. Special Edition aims only the three-door body variant being available with almost all its engine versions: 1.2 liters petrol engine developing 75 and 100 horsepower, and 1.5 dCi developing 85 horsepower.

At the body level, Renault designers have used the red Capiscum color (are also available Glacier White, Pearl Black and Blue Extreme), combined with white vinyls. The general contrast is provided by the white color retrieved at the front bumper and the rims, painted completely in this shade, just to remember the first Clio S. Tinted windows and spoiler mounted on the trunk aren’t missing.

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