June 16, 2024

Romanian SUV Dacia Duster braking system weakness

The Romanian model from Dacia is again in front of the stage, but there is no reason to be happy. That’s the second time when Duster received a negative feedback after people at Autokampioen showed that Duster got some stability problems and now the French at Automobile Magazine reported a too big braking distance.

Dacia Duster
Dacia Duster

This test was regarding the braking distance needed to stop safely from 100 to 130 km/h, the distance for 100 km/h is 40 meters and for 130 km/h 70 meters, results considered bad by the French people. The 4×2 version of the Duster was involved in this test. The French people tested also the 4×4 version and the results are even more worrying. 46 meters was needed for the 4×4 version to stop from 100 km/h while 75 meters from 130 km/h.

The 1.5 dCi engines version were used in this test. The best results on this test were achieved by Volkswagen Tiguan (63 m), BMW X1 (64 m) and Skoda Yeti (65 m).

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