May 20, 2024

Rumor Mill: No More Mazda RX Sports Coupe in the Future?

The RX-Vision concept was officially unveiled last year at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, the concept being rumored to spawn the new-gen RX Sports Coupe.

Unfortunately, Mazda has recently announced that it does not plan the revival of the RX Sports Coupe, at least not for the moment, with representatives within the company stating that there is “no specific plan to mass-produce the vehicle.”

There were no obvious reasons officially presented, but we might think that the company is facing hard financial situations and a new-gen model would involve serious investments for a new-rotary car. In case its other vehicles would sell high, then such a possibility might become a reality.

What`s pretty strange is that the Japanese carmaker filed a patent application at the beginning of April for a new rotary turbocharged engine, which would pack around 400 horsepower. More than that, there were also rumors indicating a new RX model by the end of the decade, which would be the perfect time for Mazda to celebrate its centenary.

So we have every reason to believe that the high-end flagship from Mazda would rise again from the ashes, just like the Phoenix. We also have to understand and respect the officials` twisted statements on that matter.

In case it would arrive on the market by the end of decade, the all-new RX Coupe Sport would come with a much more potent rotary turbocharged engine, rear-wheel drive configuration and high-performance mechanicals.

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