June 15, 2024

Rusty Bugatti Type 22 Brescia sold for 260.500 €

Bonhams auction in Paris sold the Bugatti copy which stayed for three quarters of a century on the bottom of a Swiss lake, for over 250,000 euros. Bugatti Type 22 Brescia exemplary who stayed on the bottom of Maggiore Lake for more than 70 years was sold this weekend in Paris, the auction for the car that is in an advanced state of deterioration stopping at 260,500 euros.

The auction for the exemplary on sale started at 70,000 euros and although there was talk of an estimated price of 90,000 euros, potential buyers have got the final price to a value more than double. Besides the audience, shoppers intervened also by telephone.

According to RSI Swiss Radio, the following car’s public appearances will take place in Los Angeles, following the copy to be part of Peter Mullin Collection. In the same Bonhams auction were sold a Hispano-Suiza T56 Torpedo from 1935 (475.000 €), a Mercedes Benz 630K Coupe-Chauffeur from 1929 (398.000 €), a Monteverdi 450SS Hai Berlinetta from 1970 (398.000 €) and a Citroen DS21 Convertible from 1971 (189,000 €).

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