July 15, 2024
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Saab and BMW could end up collaborating on FWD

Saab emblem

After turning to the Germans for help with an engine to power a possible revival of the Saab 92 it seems the Swedish at Saab could be returning the favor.

Saab emblem
Saab emblem

Since Saab has a lot of experience with front wheel drive and BMW have confirmed their intention to produce such a model the two companies could take the collaboration to a new level.

That new level of collaboration between BMW and Saab could mean that their 9-2 model and the new BMW could share the same underpinnings.

So, the new Saab model destined to take the Swedish back to their roots will have a BMW sourced engine and some bits of the chassis and suspension as well.

This means two things, the new Saab will not be much of a Saab but it should handle beautifully and give a driver a very good feedback.

This could also mean that the other way around things could work out interestingly, as the next BMW rival for the Audi A1 could show a safe, solid feeling.

If you look at the small bits, it could be an interesting set of projects but if you look at the big picture it could mean that two very fanboy-ish brands could lose some of their appeal.

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