June 19, 2024

Brabus iBusiness 2.0 a mix between Apple and Mercedes

It’s not exactly the latest of news that cars are full of technology and that in the future it will only get more advanced. Brabus has always been one of the top level Mercedes tuners and they decided to show us just how far this technology thing can go.

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RenaultSport to become an individual brand

Those of us who really do have a long memory still know about a sporting company called Alpine that worked under Renault’s wing. Spin the clock forward several decades and Renault is looking to create a new sport brand and you’d imagine that would be the name they pick.

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Volkswagen kills of rumors regarding Polo R

The crew at Volkswagen definitely want a slice of the American market and I guess most of their efforts are focused on capturing it. This is the excuse I would imagine as being reasonable for them not developing a VW Polo R. Rumors or no rumors a four wheel drive Polo isn’t really a necessity.

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Bentley Luxury Cars Videos

Bentley could start offering more versions of the Continental GT

I have to say one thing, if there’s any brand that can sell cars without having a proud badge on them it’s VW. With such a performance with the VW roundel and, more recently, with the Skoda roundel can you imagine what they can do with a posh badge?

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BMW Saab

Saab and BMW could end up collaborating on FWD

After turning to the Germans for help with an engine to power a possible revival of the Saab 92 it seems the Swedish at Saab could be returning the favor. Since Saab has a lot of experience with front wheel drive and BMW have confirmed their intention to produce such a model the two companies

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Mini Coupe will be available by August 2011

It would seem that the more interesting versions of the Mini BMW has been promising since it took over the British brand are starting to trickle in. The first of the approved models to hit production will be a Mini Coupe which is scheduled for August 2011 and it will be followed shortly after by

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Luxury Cars Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce sales boom for the first five months of the year

Ever since the most popular luxury company in the world launched its “entry level” Ghost limousine at the end of last year the business really took off. Rolls Royce sales surged to 678 cars in the first five months of this year which equates to an impressive 146 per cent increase on what the company

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Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Chrysler is announcing some interesting incentives for this month

Chrysler Group LLC has announced today the launch of some amazing financing incentives for potential customers. For starters you can have 0 percent financing for up to 60 months, and 1.9 percent financing for 72 months on most 2010 model year Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram truck vehicles as long as they are financed through

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Ford’s plans for Mercury

Recently the media that had been pushing on with the Detroit’s Big Three and their issues or successes haven’t had much else to say other than the proposal which is under works at Ford deemed to kill of Mercury brand. Today, a report from Ford themselves shows that this isn’t serious news as the company

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Last Hummer made, shop closes up

The sad day has ended, General Motor’s Hummer brand has finally closed up shop and turned off the lights for the last time. You may recall that GM actually closed down the plant before but resumed activities in order to complete a special order of 849 Hummer H3’s.

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Ford ambitions riding on Lincoln

Ford Motor Company, the single major manufacturer of the “Detroit big three” that did not file bankruptcy, is in the process of emerging from the crisis in the automotive market stronger than ever. Some of the changes applied turned the company around but there is no green light on the party yet. The main focus

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Chrysler reports profits

Chrysler Group LLC has just revealed its latest figures and the most interesting one available is the operating profit margin that reaches 143 million dollars. The other interesting figure they published refers to the positive cash flow and the total of 8.9 billion dollars they have available.

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Massive sale increase for Toyota despite the recall issues

It would appear that the recent blow to Toyota’s image was just a hurt ego as the company has managed a year on year increase of 41% from 132,802 to 186,863 cars moved in the US. The Japanese market has also seen a considerable increase of 51%. The main reason behind this sales phenomenon is

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