April 17, 2024

Saab future will be decided soon


Directors of General Motors will meet in few days to determine what to do with Saab brand, the sales were canceled because of Koenigsegg. Along with the announcement that Koenigsegg will abandon the acquisition of Saab, future of the brand became uncertain, at least, there are few potential solutions for this.

GM could close Saab the same way that they closed Pontiac and Saturn brands. The best example in this situation would be closing the Saturn brand, whose understanding of sales to Roger Penske failed because the former American pilot was not able to find viable investors.

There is still possibility for Swedish brand to be saved by a foreign investor, there are already two potential claimants to this position. More specifically, the Chinese from BAIC and Americans from Merbanco bank seriously investigating the possibility to buy Saab. Both BAIC and Merbanco were among investors interested in acquiring Saab brand this summer, when GM has preferred those from Koenigsegg.

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