April 22, 2024
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Senner Tuning wave magic wand at the Audi TT RS convertible

Senner Tuning Audi TT-RS

Just because I don’t like it very much doesn’t mean that the Audi TT isn’t a good car. It’s so good it’s considered an icon in some places.

Senner Tuning Audi TT-RS
Senner Tuning Audi TT-RS

When Audi come up with a hot version with a bigger engine and call it the TT RS, the Ingolstaders are only making life easier for the tuners.

Tuning is all about exclusivity. When you take a relatively ordinary and bland car and hand it over to somebody like Senner Tuning you end up with something very rare.

When you take a very rare edition of the Audi TT as the RS is and then give it to Senner Tuning you end up with something that’s so exclusive it’s borderline to unique.

So what happens if you hand your brand new Audi TT-RS over to Senner Tuning? Well, the German tuner doesn’t mess about. They pop the hood, drop in a customized ECU, a sport air filter and a high performance exhaust system and then close it back and go for a drive.

With the new additions, the hood now houses 430 horsepower. That’s not bad, but it’s less than the 500 offered up by ABT Sportsline.

Senner Tuning isn’t bothered though and nor should you. Why? Because they’ve focused on the convertible variant and making the drop top TT-RS more enjoyable.

So yes, you get more power, but you get a better exhaust note, you get a set of 7 spoke 20 inch Varianza T1S rims that would feel at home on a truck and some exposed carbon fiber.

Senner Tuning Audi TT-RS
Senner Tuning Audi TT-RS

All of these make your convertible Audi TT more enjoyable and far more of a show off machine than it is in stock form.

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