April 17, 2024

Skoda reveals new Fabia Combi R5 prior 2015 GTI Meeting

Skoda Fabia Combi R5

Skoda officially unveiled the Fabia Combi R5, a special model that is going to be seen in person at this year’s edition of the GTI Meeting, an event which takes place at Worthersee.

As you can see, the model stands out thanks to its multicolour livery while new bumpers, revised side skirts and a proeminent rear wing also improve the looks.

Skoda Fabia Combi R5
Skoda Fabia Combi R5

A new set of white 18-inch alloy wheels is also available alongside a center-mounted exhaust pipe, wing mirror covers, a black front grille and other minor tweaks.

The Czech racer packs a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine but there are no further performance figures. The world premiere of this car took place almost a month ago at the Czech Rally Championships. It actually won the race there, so it is already a successful model.

Besides the turbo engine, Skoda fitted a sequential five-speed gearbox as well as MacPherson struts. Needless to say that it meets all the FIA regulations and is ready to tackle the circuit at any time. Stay tuned for more details on Skoda’s new racing models.

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