April 25, 2024

Special Edition Fiat 500C Pink

It was obviously since it appeared, Fiat 500 is a girly car, small and elegant so a pink version should not surprise anyone. This special edition of Fiat 500 was pretty inspired, the pink color fitting perfectly on that fine body. This new Fiat 500C Pink will be available in Britain and the sad part is that limited number of copies, 300 to be more exact.

Those from Fiat started from the 1.2 Pop version and beside that eye catching color the Italians equipped this new Fiat 500C Pink with 16 inch rims to accentuate the fresh look, chromed accessories and finally cases of the exterior mirrors painted of course in pink to match the body color.

Also the interior was changed too, the low class Fiat 500C Pink being equipped with leather steering wheel, leather shifter to match the steering wheel and carpets from the same material. Of course they needed to make something in the interior to match the exterior so they painted the Fiat’s 500C board in pink and they also provided a key with the same color (pink). The base price for this Fiat 500C Pink is 13.500 £.

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