Stunning 1500hp Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo by Underground Racing


For those who think that the Lamborghini Gallardo model is not strong enough, tuners from Underground Racing created a 1,500 hp Twin Turbo version of this Italian supercar. American tuners from Underground Racing developed a Twin Turbo version of the Gallardo. The model develops 1500 hp at wheels, while the flywheel power is estimated at 1875 hp.

The Twin Turbo version of the Italian supercar Gallardo was specially created for an American customer named Jonah. To develop 1500 hp, Underground Racing’s Lamborghini Gallardo model is powered by VP C16 competition fuel and runs at 2.0 bar pressure.

Manual transmission in this model has six reports, and it realizes the quarter mile in less than 10 seconds, in the conditions that the driver has not been on an acceleration track for over 10 years. Moreover, in the 402 meters, Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo model manages to reach a speed exceeding 260 km/h. Stunning!


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