May 28, 2024
Concept Cars Seat

New Concept Called Seat IBe Coupe

Seat has something new to bring at Geneva Auto Show 2010, I’m talking about the concept car called Seat IBe which they say that this is be the first preface of the electric future of the brand and I hope they start with the right foot. This Seat IBe is basically a coupe with 2

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Toyota RAV4 Facelift: Hosted By Geneva Auto Show 2010

The time is passing and the thing keep changing so Toyota felt like she was remaining behind so she decided to bring something new, modern, more fit for this times. I’m talking about the Toyota RAV4, being a facelift is not something totality new, but this car looks better now between other modern cars. Toyota

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Opel Corsa Facelift- Premiere At Geneva Auto Show 2010

Lately many cars got a facelift and now it’s time for Opel Corsa to get one. At a first look you might say that the changes are not visible but I’m telling you that the changes exist, and there are quite many. The main goals for the Opel Corsa, which by the way will have

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